Since Sea Shepherd first gained prominence through its portrayal on the television program "Whale Wars" in 2008, we have consistently held a deep admiration for the unwavering courage and resolute determination exhibited by its crews in their relentless mission to combat the heinous practice of whale slaughter in the Southern Ocean.

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming collaboration with Sea Shepherd International, wherein we will be jointly designing a diverse range of products aimed at raising awareness for the remarkable endeavors undertaken by the organization.

In order to reinforce our steadfast dedication, we have made the strategic decision to allocate 3% of our annual profits as a contribution to Sea Shepherd. This financial support will enable them to continue their exceptional efforts in safeguarding our oceans.

We have chosen the 3% figure as it symbolizes the disproportionately small fraction of the ocean currently under protection, emphasizing the urgent need for conservation measures.

Sea Shepherd International Website