Quality first

As a brand, we set out to create the products we longed to see in the world, prioritizing the health of our planet every step of the way.

Some may perceive us as procrastinators, but we see it differently. We choose to consciously take our time, ensuring that every aspect of our brand aligns with our values. Our motto, "Rolling Slow," serves as both a statement and a description of what GROWN represents. Nothing is rushed or done hastily; we craft clothing with purpose and functionality at its core.

With an uncompromising approach to sustainability, we strive to make a positive impact. By utilizing 100% organic cotton, we minimize our environmental footprint while creating garments that are not only comfortable but also contribute to the preservation of our planet's natural resources.

Our Roots

Sustainability lies at the core of our values and is a driving force behind the establishment of Grown. In 2007, when major surf brands like Quiksilver did not offer an organic clothing line, we recognized the need for change. Our goal was not just to introduce a few organic cotton tees but to ensure that every item we created was crafted using either 100% organic cotton or a blend of recycled polyester.

In addition to the choice of materials, we place great importance on the printing process. To minimize our impact on both the human body and the environment, we exclusively use water-based inks. These inks are gentler in nature and contribute to a more sustainable production process.

By prioritizing organic and recycled materials, as well as eco-friendly printing techniques, we strive to set a new standard for sustainable practices in the surf and apparel industry. Our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and it serves as the guiding principle in all aspects of our operations.

We are dedicated to offering environmentally conscious alternatives and promoting the importance of sustainable fashion. Our brand statement reflects our passion for sustainability and outlines our mission to make a positive difference in the industry.

We are proud to say that all our packaging is exclusively made from recycled card and paper, and we have completely eliminated the use of poly bags. In 2017, as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we made a significant move by purchasing land in Co. Wicklow to dedicate to tree planting. For every tee that we sold, we planted a tree on this land. Over time, this area has transformed into a thriving nature reserve, providing a habitat for the diverse fauna and flora of the region, despite the presence of sika pine forests.

In addition to our tree-planting initiative, we have recently forged a collaboration with Sea Shepherd, an organization renowned for its incredible work in marine conservation. As a testament to our support for their mission, we have committed to donating 3% of our yearly profits to Sea Shepherd. This partnership enables us to contribute to their ongoing efforts in protecting and preserving marine life.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce our partnership with the Irish Surf Association. In our endeavor to promote sustainability and eco-consciousness, we will be providing the team with eco-friendly uniforms made from 100% organic cotton. By utilizing these eco-friendly materials, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practices within the surf community.

At our core, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and actively engage in initiatives that align with our values. Through these collaborations and initiatives, we aim to foster a more sustainable future while spreading awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. 

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