We believe we have an environment that deserves our respect, so we work with you to make it better by restoring biodiversity and ecosystems.

By simply planting one Irish tree you will have helped fight the climate crisis, provided clean air, saved water and helped people heal.

Your tree as it grows will supply enough oxygen for four people per day. At GROWN we only plant indigenous Irish trees.

Your certified tree will be planted on Irish soil.

You will receive a handmade 5x5’’ blind embossed gift card, written on each card is a reference number as to when and where the tree will be planted. If you’d like a name also written on the card just let us know in the additional comments box at the end of the sale.

Thank-you for BEING THE CHANGE.

*The small print

Our trees will remain in the soil for at least 25 years.

Over the years we will need to remove some trees to facilitate the growth of the largest trees and expansion of our forest.

Please note the reference number does not collate to the your exact tree, but the number of trees that will be planted that year including yours. we are currently working on a system so that all trees will be tagged and can be identified individually.

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