Once upon a time the Atlantic Ocean was seen as Ireland’s most valuable resource, but following industrialisation we turned our back on the sea, coming to see it merely as a route over which to send our goods and our young, work-seeking people. Other countries, notably Canada and Norway, continued to place great value on their territorial waters and basins. As politicians in Norway and Newfoundland have moved to protect their ocean resources over the past 50 years – especially oil, gas and fish - Ireland has allowed these resources to fall into the hands of foreign private interests, often ceding control long into the future. The contrast between Ireland and her coastal neighbours could not be more striking. Our documentary ‘Atlantic’ explores the manner in which Norway and Newfoundland have managed their own ocean resources for the benefit of their populations, as Ireland steers a contrasting path. Will the lessons learned in Norway and Newfoundland be heeded on Irish shores, before it’s too late?