Protecting the future of our oceans together


Our team of Misfits & Wanderers is a remarkable assembly of individuals, bound together by our profound adoration for the sea. Within our diverse group, we bring together surfers, academics, videographers, photographers, and activists, each contributing our unique perspectives and expertise.

Together, we form a strong and interconnected network, anchoring one another through our shared love for the ocean. We understand the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from uniting individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. Our collective synergy fuels our drive to make a positive impact on the world around us.

At the core of our team is a shared vision: the preservation of our beautiful planet. We are passionately committed to championing sustainability and protecting the natural wonders of our Earth. The ocean, with its vastness and intricate ecosystems, holds a special place in our hearts, and we recognize the urgent need to safeguard its delicate balance.

It is through our love and passion for the ocean that we draw inspiration. This inspiration translates into our creative endeavors, including the design of clothing that not only captivates the senses but also harmonizes with the marine environment. We believe that fashion can be a force for change, and our clothing reflects our commitment to sustainable practices and materials.

By wearing our clothing, individuals become part of a larger movement, showcasing their connection to the sea and their dedication to preserving it. Our designs serve as a visual representation of our collective efforts, inspiring others to take action and make conscious choices that benefit our planet.

Moreover, our team fosters strong community connections. We understand that real change begins at the grassroots level, and we actively engage with local communities to raise awareness and foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Through events, educational initiatives, and collaborations, we strive to build a community that shares our values and works together towards a sustainable future.

As Misfits & Wanderers, we embrace our unique identities and celebrate our differences. We believe that it is precisely these diverse experiences and perspectives that make our team stronger and more resilient. United by our deep adoration for the sea, we stand together, driven by a common purpose: to protect and preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come.

Peter conroy

Hailing from Miltown Malbay, Co.Clare, internationally respected as one of Ireland's big wave surfers - the ocean is Peter's playground no matter how big it gets.

Peter is a catalyst, linking individuals to the vast potency of the ocean, while equipping them with the expertise to preserve their well-being and survival within its depths.

His profound insight and firsthand encounters as a dedicated firefighter and paramedic enable him to guide others, paving the way for secure seas and instilling awareness among the upcoming generation of surfers.

We take immense pride in Peter's invaluable contribution to our team.

Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club - Founder

Lúcás Ó Roidigh

Luke, a wizard and a truly awesome individual, embodies his own legendary status. He is the visionary behind the Fuinneamh Festival, a master sculptor, a talented singer-songwriter, and a skilled DJ.

When he's not engaged in any of these pursuits, you can undoubtedly find him in his van, chasing waves. And by the way, he's also modeled a few grown tees on his journey.

Fuinneamh Festival

Aum Stone

Ogma Records